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How To Setup Alexa for Multi-Room Music

If you’re like us, one of the first things you want to do after purchasing multiple Amazon Echo devices, is to configure them for multi-room music. This enables you to setup groups which contain sets of Echo devices to play the same music throughout your house, or in specific rooms (groups).

Getting Started

In order to setup multi-room music, you’ll need an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show

To get started, open the Alexa App on your phon and click on Settings

amazon alexa app

After going into Settings, click on Multi-Room Music

multi-room music

The Alexa app will now give you the option to setup a Smart Home Group or an Amazon Multi-Room Music Group. Click on Amazon Multi-Room Music Group.

Alexa App setup groups

The next screen asks you to create or choose a suggested group name. For this example, I’ve selected ‘Everywhere’ as the group name. Any Echo devices that are online will then be listed to be selected as part of the group. Select the Amazon Echo devices that you want to be part of the group and click Save.

Amazon Alexa App setup

Finally, you can now play music by saying “Alexa, play [Music Station] on [Group Name]” and the music will be played on the selected devices throughout your house.


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Top Smart Home Starter Collection

smart home automation

The journey into enabling a smart home with connected devices can be an intimidating and sometimes daunting task. Where do I begin, you may ask. There are so many choices with various options. We at CasualCoder would like to help you ease the pain by listing our recommendations to get started. Below you will find some of the essentials to enable your home or office with smart devices.

Amazon Echo Show, an essential for enabling voice activated controls. Simply ask ‘Alexa’ to turn on the lights, show the front door, turn on the sprinklers, not to mention the array of other questions that you can ask.

Amazon EchoShow

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Hue Lighting, dim any light, setup schedules, ask Alexa to turn on the lights and much more. The kids will love be able to interact with their lights, add colored lights for even more entertainment or to set the mood.

HueLights Wifi Lighting


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Amazon Cloud Cam, view the cameras on your Amazon Echo, Computer, or mobile device. Easy setup and works with Alexa.  Customizable notifications, and continuously getting smarter to offer more notifications.

Amazon CloudCam Security

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EcoBee Thermostat, works with Alexa. Control thermostat and comfort settings from anywhere (iOS, Android, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant). Has room sensors to manage hot and cold spots in your house. Cost savings up to 23% annually.

EcoBee Thermostat

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Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, works with Alex. Adjusts watering schedule based on local weather forecast. Control irrigation zones from your phone. Reduce water bill by to 50% while keeping your lawn looking great.

Ranchio Irrigation Controller

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Ring Video Doorbell, allows you to see, hear and speak to anyone at your door from your phone, tablet or PC. Get live streaming video and two way audio enables you to check on your house or property at anytime. 

Ring Doorbell

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